Oct 29, 2014

Fall, Boldly

Into the mystery of a darkening wood ... warmed by the glow of a smooth rye whiskey ... bedazzled by jeweled pumpkins and lace-covered gourds ... seduced by lush fashion spreads and lifted by laughter at tables crowded with family and friends. Fall, boldly into Autumn's celebrations and small moments.

Share your favorite things about Fall in the comments here and on Facebook. Then follow along as Style Maniac's season unfolds on Pinterest and Instagram.  "Here There Be Dragons" image by Raceytay on Etsy.

Oct 27, 2014

GET ON THE BUS: Zeusvision's Affordable & Fun Digital Billboards Let You Be The Star

Instead of advertising the Ellen Show, this Zeusvision bus can advertise YOU or your company. Packages start at $99.
Your mom's birthday is coming up.  You could buy her flowers and a card ... or you could broadcast her happy birthday message -- and her photo -- on the side of a bus.

That's the idea behind Zeusvision, a start-up that aims to "democratize billboard advertising" and give individuals and small businesses the same kind of visibility and voice as large corporations.  Launching today, with an initial fleet of buses in L.A., the brainchild of Giovanni Wolfgang offers 31-foot digital screens on 40-foot buses and advertising packages that start at $99.  With geo-locating services, the buses can pinpoint specific routes and alert you to approach, so you, mom and the family can be waiting in the right place at the right time.  Future technologies include eye scanners and apps that will allow viewers to interact with the billboard -- for instance, wave a hand to insert themselves in a clothing ad and digitally "try on" a pair of jeans.

As part of the launch, Zeusvision invited Style Maniac to join a select group in testing out the service, with a trial ad package valued at $2400.  I get to choose my ad images and links, which Zeusvision will play 300 times for 60 seconds each over the course of two weeks next month in Hollywood, Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles.  They'll also supply pictures and video of the buses broadcasting in sunny southern California.  In return for the complimentary package, I've agreed to review the experience (whether fantastic, lousy or indifferent) in a follow-up post.

While I've sometimes thought about how best to promote Style Maniac, I must say a giant roving billboard never crossed my mind!  So, help me out, readers: what do you think Style Maniac should beam from a Zeusvision bus?

Image courtesy Zeusvision, effects by Doreen Creede

Oct 23, 2014

All About Olives: Video Interview with Cooking Channel Star Annie Sibonney ... plus an Olives From Spain Giveaway

Do you know the easiest way to stuff an olive? Or that olives can add a special depth of flavor to a meatball recipe? Or that entertaining, Spanish-style, can be as easy as setting out a bowl of olives, popping open high quality canned goods and pouring a few glasses of sweet vermouth?

I learned all this and more during a video interview -- my first! -- with Cooking Channel star Annie Sibonney.  In her starring role on From Spain With Love and as a spokesperson for Olives From Spain, this self-taught cook shares her relaxed, flavorful approach to cooking.  It's a philosophy that's so Style Maniac:  simple, fun, pretty and delicious.

Check out our interview, and then add a comment to win an Olives From Spain Entertaining Kit --with apron, can of olives, toothpicks, coasters, tote bag and an olive serving dish -- offered in celebration of Spanish Heritage Month (Sept 15 - Oct 15).

Entertaining Kit with olive serving dish, can of Olives from Spain, plus branded toothpicks, tote bag, apron and coasters.

To Enter: leave a comment below by midnight EST on Friday, October 31, 2014.

For Extra Entries: add a comment for every time you share this Giveaway Link on your social media sites

Winner will be chosen at random and announced on this blog in November.  Entertaining Kit will be mailed directly to winner at USA address by Olives From Spain.  

Images, video and giveaway courtesy Olives From Spain.

Oct 3, 2014

WHAT I WORE: Fall Fashion On A Warm Night

Doreen Creede / STYLE MANIAC shot  by Elena Brennan at "Fashion Under The Shambles" in Philadelphia.
Phtotostrip: recent highlights from @stylemaniac on Instagram
An outdoor Fall Fashion Show. Glorious end-of-summer weather. What to wear at this transitional moment?  My second style recipe during The Philadelphia Collection (my city's fashion week) was to reverse the color/fabric mix from my last post. Summer to Fall Wardrobe Solution#2:  combine tropical-weight wool pants in a light color with a long-sleeve yet lightweight cold-shoulder top, then accessorize with statement shoes and a modern necklace.

The details:
  • "Gia" tropical-weight stretch wool pants & "Jude" cold-shoulder zip top  /  NINObrand 
  • Metallic & leather oxford slingbacks / past season, Jonathan Fluevog from Bus Stop 
  • Tassel Clutch / conradbookerCOLLECTION
  • Hand-forged brass & elastic "Necklace1" / from the new NINObrand jewelry collection (launches 10/23/14) 

For more fashion, parties, art & eats follow @stylemaniac on Instagram.
NOTE:  conradbookerCOLLECTION and NINObrand are fashion lines I work with ... and adore.

Sep 29, 2014

What to Wear In Fall When It Feels Like Summer

Every year it also happens: just as I've switched my closet from gauzy tops and flip-flops to Fall suedes and sweaters, Summer returns with a hot swoosh. What to wear during this tricky season, when the calendar says "autumn" but the thermometer says "summer"?

Solution#1:  mix dark, summer-weight pieces with lighter-weight, showstopping autumn styles, then accessorize with classic fall animal prints.  As pictured here, this was one of my Style Recipes during The Philadelphia Collection, my city's version of Fashion Week:
For a look at more summer to fall outfits, plus fashion party pics, street art, good eats, dark cocktails, seasonal scenes and more follow @stylemaniac on Instagram. Not on Instagram? See a roundup of recent posts in the sidebar of this blog. On Instagram? Please share your handle in the comments.

NOTE:  NINObrand is the fashion line I work with. Enjoy an exclusive treat for Style Maniac Readers: 5% off our online capsule collection using code "DOREEN" through 12/31/14.  Or email me to schedule a private appointment or arrange a special order. Photo by Doreen Creede.


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