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January 22, 2012

Let's DISH

A visual feast, filled with tasty facts and mouth-watering photography, Dish: 813 Colorful, Wonderful Plates by House Beautiful features editor Shax Riegler shows how the most utilitarian of objects can be elevated into art and lead to the serious addiction known as "dish mania."  Or as I refer to it, my china collection.  The book has well-thought out design elements, with diagrams identifying plates on the cover and chapter openings; a quirky timeline of china history; and trivia tidbits such as the most enduring and popular patterns (Meissen's Blue Onion, in production since 1739; and Spode Christmas Tree, top request over the last 30 years by the 11 million customers of legendary china resource Replacements).  Most of all it offers page after page of simply delectable dishes.

Dish: 813 Colorful Wonderful Plates by Shax Riegler, photographs by Robert Bean, published by Artisan.


Nicole said...

One of the hardest things for me to pick out are dishes. I want them to be JUST SO. I need to check out this book!

Vanessa said...

I love this! I would love to have a completely mismatched, but gorgeous collection of plates like this.

Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES said...

Never heard of this book, but I'll have to look for it. I'm a HUGE dishaholic. Vintage ones are my weakness, but truth be told, I could easily become a hoarder if I had more places to put them!

Thank you for visiting my the the other day Doreen. HOpe you'll come again!

design elements said...

this book looks gorgeous, Doreen! just saw the look inside on amazon. Happy Tuesday!

Style Maniac said...

Vanessa -- I love to mix up patterns. Not only is it more fun but as a collector it's so much easier to pick up a few dishes at flea markets and vintage shops and not worry about a complete set. I feel it works best on the table if there are colors in common. Have fun assembling!

ilikeiwishiheart said...

Ooh this book sounds divine, right up my alley as I just love pretty designed dishes! Hung on the wall, they make for beautiful artworks!

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