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February 8, 2012

ORANGE CRUSH: Flyers Wives Fashion Show featuring Nicole Miller, Lagos and a good cause

It's not often a hockey jersey inspires a fashion show.  Or team colors --especially orange -- pop up as cocktail dresses.  Or the boss's wife walks the runway.  It all happened last month at the first ever Flyers Wives Fashion Show, where wives of the Philadelphia Flyer's players and management modeled Nicole Miller's new Artelier Spring 2012 line paired with Lagos jewelry, all to benefit Comcast Spectacor Charities.

In the ballroom orange glowed from the chandeliers to the shoes.  By the bar creamsicle edged with silver sequins sparkled.  And on the runway the women rocked the house.

I give those women so much credit.  Strutting down a catwalk makes me wobbly just thinking about it.  How did they do it?  Mary K. Dougherty, owner of the Nicole Miller Philadelphia store that sponsored the event, along with Lagos, Fox29 and Philadelphia Style Magazine; gave the volunteer models this advice:  First, Nicole Miller designs her clothes to flatter women of all ages and body types, so you'll look good.  Second, think of a specific person who will benefit, such as an ill child who will now get help, so you'll feel good.  Finally, have fun.  The event is a celebration of women and all for a good cause.

  1. On the runway.
  2. Before the show in the offices of MKDA (Mary K. Dougherty & Associates) and the Nicole Miller Philadelphia store.
  3. Spring looks from Nicole Miller Artelier flank Lagos Flyers pendants.  A portion of the proceeds from the Lagos pendants benefit Flyers Charities year-round.
  4. My favorite model:  Doreen Holmgren, wife of Flyers GM Paul Holmgren.
  5. Nicole Miller's Artelier Spring 2012 line; the Philadelphia Flyers line.
  6. Finale, featuring the volunteer models and singer Lauren Hart.

All photos by Doreen Creede / Style Maniac except #4 via Randall Scott/ CBS Philly. For more pics of the event, the Artelier line and the fun pre-show promo window by Lagos, visit Style Maniac's Tumblr site, Maniac Finds.

V is for VOLUNTEER: So many women donate their time for a good cause.  Have one of your own?  Share it here. (Part 3 of our series "Let's Hear It For The Girls ... celebrating women from A to Z." )


Lee Romano Sequeira said...

Yes! V is for Volunteer!

I run a foundation, Peg's Presents ( which provides year round toys and gifts to children in need. Peg's was named in my mom's honor (she fostered over a dozen children, and she was the master of gift giving!)

So G is for giving (& gifts). You can give your time, your support and a bit of money to help children in need smile!

Vanessa said...

I love it! I would love it more if it were the Blackhawks, haha, but still...

'LUSH' said...

I am always in admiration of those who consistently give back. And, I am a hockey fan (Penguins, Ranger, and Wild)! What a wonderful event!

Style Maniac said...

More fashion / hockey fans! Love it, Vanessa and Shelly.

Lee, I am so glad you posted about Peg's Presents. The organization has such a simple but wonderful goal -- bringing gifts and smiles to children in need -- and is a wonderful tribute to the generosity of your dear mother.

Luke said...

The FLYERS are a class organization! And those are some good look'n gals! Nice post! F-L-Y-E-R-S FLYERS!!!

Shanelé said...

i'm involved in a charity supporting the families of Army Rangers who were killed in combat called the 'Lead the Way Fund.' A great charity started by a wonderful family who lost their 26 year old son to an IED in Iraq.


Style Maniac said...

Shanele -- what a wonderful cause. I can't imagine what those families go through. If you have a link for the organization, please share so we can all find out more.

Second Hand Roze said...

All my life, I've said "I never met a color I disn't like...except orange.". And then last year my mother got an orange ostrich bag. It is the chichest of the chic. I covet this hand-bag! And then last week, i saw a woman in an orange skirt, with an orage hat, and well... i take back every unkind thing i ever said about orange.

I want to cop out and call it peach, but these garments aren't peach; they are orange. It's like "blush". Ain't no blush honey. That's pink.

Thank you for running a blog article on the changing face of orange. It's being presented in new ways and different context, and it's not the orange it used to be!

Style Maniac said...

Roze, given your incredible knowledge of fashion and fashion history, that is quite a compliment! Thank you!

classic • casual • home said...

Good for them!!! Looks like fun time.

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