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May 30, 2012

THE BEAUTY of BULGARIA: Guest Post from Maria of Design Elements

One of the best things about the internet is how it can take you to faraway lands without leaving home.  Especially ones you know little about.  Such as Bulgaria.  Until seeing some vacation posts about the country on one of my favorite blogs, the stunning and smart Design Elements, I had no idea Bulgaria offered such beauty and mystery, from pristine lakes to snow-capped mountains to glowing ancient towns.  To cap off our May "Home & Away" theme, I asked Design Elements' charming creator Maria to focus her impeccable taste on this crossroad between Europe and Asia.  Maria writes about design and destinations all over the world with warmth and passion, but she has a special place in her heart for Bulgaria, her native country. Here, narrowed down from a long list, are four of her recommendations for beautiful places to visit in this sunny land by the Black Sea.

4 Beauties of Bulgaria
by Maria of Design Elements

Veliko Tarnovo, an ancient capital of Bulgaria.
I love walking there near the Zarevez burg (above) and watching the sunset.  
The burg [walled fortress and castle] was built in 2000 B.C.

National Theater in the capital Sofia.  
Just enjoy being there, sitting and people watching.

Pirin Mountain.  For me the most beautiful of Bulgaria's nearly 40 mountains. 
Situated in the southwestern part of the country, most of the range is protected in a national park. My fave places there are Bansko town and the beautiful lakes in Pirin, 
the most picturesque parts of the landscape.

Sozopol, an ancient seaside town at the Black Sea.
Known for the Apollonia art and film festival, which takes place in early September.

-- Maria, Design Elements

Thank you, Maria, for taking us on this journey.  My travel To-Do list just got a whole lot longer!

Veliko Tarnovo image via IESN.  All other photos courtesy Design Elements.


Susan said...

That first photo looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale...

PURA VIDA said...

what incredible beauty. love those boats in the water

Barbara said...


Lee Romano Sequeira said...

Thanks for taking me on a mini-vacation while I enjoyed my morning coffee!

Leslie said...

Breath taking! I love that little seaside town.


Style Maniac said...

A perfect description, Susan.

Style Maniac said...

Pura Vida, Barb, Lee & Leslie
Thanks for stopping by. For more prettiness, pop over to Maria's lovely site -- she has another stunning pic of the seaside town, plus an archive brimming with gorgeous destinations, architecture and decor.

'LUSH' said...

I follow Maria's blog and, Doreen, you describe it so eloquently. One of the most amazing gifts of blogging is meeting others from around the world, AND, seeing the beauty of the world through their eyes and heart! This was a most special and lovely guest post--just like Maria!!

Dragan said...

kapcnb! (Beautiful!)

Style Maniac said...

Amazing gifts of blogging, indeed, Shelly. I feel exactly the same way.

SomeKindOfStyle said...

wow, beautiful images..have been to Budapest once..long long time ago! x

About Last Weekend said...

Thanks for stopping by so I could find your fabulous blog - LOVE design elements and these pics make me want to fly right over there, the top burg one is so romantic as are the boats - Great post!

designchic said...

Would love to see Budapest...gorgeous images!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Doreen ~

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