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October 30, 2012

After the Storm: How to Help

Wind. Water. Fire. Earth. The power of Hurricane Sandy and its aftereffects along the East Coast of the United States are astounding.  Explosions, flooding, massive sand shifts, trees toppled, power out, homes washed away, boats tossed like toys, lives lost.  Grateful that (so far at least) our family, friends and neighbors have come through okay.  But so many people have not.  If you would like to help those in need, here's a simple way: text "REDCROSS" to 90999 and automatically donate $10.  The amount is added to your cell phone bill and the carrier passes 100% on to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts.   (Details here: Red Cross Text Message Donations. ) Style Maniac followers and friends: if you are able to check in and share how you are doing, I would love to hear from you.  Here's hoping you are all safe. -- Doreen


hammondartbiz said...

Thank you for this Doreen. I've shared it as well. How can you not make this small gesture when it's so simple to do? If you want to donate more you only have to 'rinse and repeat' so to speak.

I for one am incredibly grateful our beach house was spared. Well, we haven't been able to see it yet, but we're pretty confident our whopping 8ft. above sea level location probably spared us the worst. Now it's time to give back to those much less fortunate.

Style Maniac said...

Barb, when I saw those early photos from your street at the shore -- before the storm even hit -- I didn't think there was any way your beloved beach house would make it through. So glad it did. And so glad you, your husband and the dogs were safe in the city throughout it all.

'LUSH' said...

I am very happy you have made it through safely! My son lives in lower Manhattan, and was sending photos from the beginning. Then, he lost power, and had to conserve. We are waiting to hear an update from him. I know that he is helping his friends and neighbors. I continue to pray for his safety.

We have lived through many horrendous storms/hurricanes/disasters in Houston/Galveston. While my husband and middle son work with FEMA to help the less fortunate,during these time, I stay home with my youngest, to help our own situation and the neighbors. We all come together.

Thank you, Doreen, for reaching out and helping those in need.

Lee Romano Sequeira said...

Wonderful post! I've shared this link multiple time on Twitter & Facebook, and hope everyone can do this at least once. Our Jersey shore neighbors REALLY need our help (as you know they've been totally devastated).

Style Maniac said...

Shelly, sending you all my good thoughts and prayers for the safety of your son. The work your guys do for this country is so wonderful. Sincere thanks and appreciation to them. And to you, for being a great neighbor and friend. What a great family!

Style Maniac said...

Lee, those photos you posted with the buried parking meter -- unbelievable. So sad, all the destruction. Every little bit of help -- helps.

Anonymous said...

Super idea..The Red Cross does great work. Jennifer is still without power, but is safe. All others are okay. We were very lucky at Sunset Beach, NC.....a little rain and wind, but nothing compared to other East Coast areas.

Style Maniac said...

Glad to hear you were spared, Elizabeth, and that the family is all safe. Thank you for checking in.

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