Oct 10, 2012

Steal From A Million Dollar Decorator

Such a wealth of ideas in this vignette from Million Dollar Decorators' star Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's own home.  Pull furniture away from the walls.  Create a focal point.  Display art big and bold.  Mix textures, colors and patterns with daring and yet make sure they still complement each other. There's a lot going on here but by keeping the background neutral and the layout simple -- just four chairs and a table --the result is a vibrant space that doesn't overwhelm.  It's both more is more and less is more, all at once  Definitely a stylish secret to steal.

I fell in love with this room long before I knew the source -- and I've never watched an episode of Million Dollar Decorators.  But given the elements of Martyn's own style (zebra! velvet! plus all of the notes above), plus his belief that a touch of red energizes any space (yes again!) I may have to start watching.  See more of the designer's home in this NBC Los Angeles videoPhoto from Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's Live, Love & Decorate as seen on The Skirted Roundtable.


  1. Great ideas, he has such fun well travelled style!!!
    Love it!
    The Relished Roost

  2. Now that's a colorful space! I love Martyn's idea of pulling furniture away from the walls -- no home should look like each piece of furniture is a frightened wallflower!

  3. I love this space. It would be perfect in Gina's house, or yours, but difficult to pull off in mine. I agree with Lee about pulling furniture away from the walls, whenever possible.
    Thanks for the morning eye candy.

  4. Yes, pulling furniture away from the walls is on of the mantras of my own decorating partnership. It adds such energy to a room.

  5. Lots of wonderful color and details here! I like the layout of the furniture and that rug is perfect :)

  6. Hello Doreen-First off, your comment about pulling the furniture away from walls make me look at my home office with the inkling of a new twist (must do something with that sofa). I love this post. The photo is inspiring-movement, color, texture, whimsy,and yet symmetry. I have seen this particular TV show (loved it!) and can just hear Martyn's voice describing his design. Brilliant!
    Cheers, Heather

  7. I love pulling furniture away from the walls and creating a focal point, such as a table for reading and conversing! I would love to have a room setup just as this, being that my family really loves just sitting and conversing (and not just at dinner around the table). The rich tones in this room are both stimulating for conversation, and yet, relaxing enough to just sink in and read a good book. xo

  8. The great thing is- those chairs looks so soft and inviting, especially the dusky pink one and to me that's what it's all about....

  9. yes, yes...pulling the furniture away from walls! you write wonderful, Doreen. MLB book is on my bedside table. Thanks for your message about my photo. You are the first one to notice it. big hugs

  10. love the wall paintings! very relaxing to the eyes! :-)


    1. Do you know where to find them?

  11. Food for thought re pulling the furniture away from the walls.
    The colous of the chairs make such a lovely combination, and look inviting too.

    Great post

  12. I am looking for these type of prints/paintings of the matadors. Where can I find them?


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