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December 13, 2012

Just a Box & a Bow

What could be simpler and prettier holiday wrapping than a glossy white box and a big red bow?

Via A Gift Wrapped Life, a site full of gorgeous and inspiring gift wrap ideas. 
Check The Container Store for a great selection of quality glossy boxes.


Anonymous said...

I also like the shapes of the boxes. Beautifully done.

Leslie said...

Nothing!! This so pretty (and I also like the Tiffany blue box;) Hope you are enjoying the festivities of the season!


therelishedroost said...

Sometimes simple is just classic!
Stop by for my give away!
Karolyn- THe Relished Roost

Style Maniac said...

Ah, yes, we all love that little blue box. Nothing quite like it!

design elements said...

wow for glossy white and big red! thanks for your message, Doreen. when I get the email from the magazine I thought for a moment of you. it's the magazine with which I grew up. big hugs

The Buzz Blog said...

So agree! Our second favorite box is robin's egg blue with a white ribbon... :) Thanks for stopping by The Buzz today to read Design Chic's guest post. Happy weekend!
C + C

designchic said...

I just adore this look - simple and gorgeous!! Happy weekend ~

'LUSH' said...

I love a glossy white box and a big red bow! Simple and elegant.
Hope you are experiencing blessings throughout the season, Doreen!

Style Maniac said...

How wonderful for you Maria -- a great holiday gift. And how sweet of you to think of me!

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