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January 4, 2013

Magic Carpet Ride

Resolutions, lists, goals -- we all make them as we face the new year. Sometimes those wishes come true and you breeze along the highway of life with ease, wind teasing your tresses in a perfect movie moment kind of way, the road ahead smooth and sure.  Other times the best intentions get mired and messy, a traffic jam you can't escape, a bad hair day that won't end.  And then there are the times life takes you on a magic carpet ride, to places wildly unexpected and yet somehow cut just right.  I know which journey I'm hoping for in 2013.  How about you?

The color and joy of Sandra Benhaim's work first drew me in and then her titles captivated me even more, coinciding with themes brewing for Style Maniac and thoughts for my own life.  You'll be seeing more of her art all year.  Magic Carpet Ride 3 courtesy Sandra Benhaim.


Barbara said...

Such a happy painting! That's what I'm aiming for this year...happy...and painting...writing...creating.
Happy New Year Doreen!

Style Maniac said...

Oh I am so with you Barb! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors.....makes you feel good. Can't wait to see more. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Leslie said...

Hi Doreen! So glad you popped over. Happy New Year! Love the colors in this painting:) I like your analogy .. "bad hair day" .. so true. Resolutions sometimes reinforce some of the things we don't like about ourselves and we set unrealistic expectations. {Example: I need to loose weight and exercise may imply.. I'm fat and lazy) So.. I think we need to be careful what we are telling ourselves!! Baby steps and (like you say)sometimes things work out, other times they don't and we need to just go with it.

Best to you! Have a nice weekend!


The Buzz Blog said...

We're hoping for a year of great adventures, growth and change so we think the magic carpet ride is right up our alley! Thank you for stopping The BUzz and for sharing our new year's resolutions. Happy 2013, Doreen and we'll be adding you to our daily reading!
C + C

Style Maniac said...

Thank you, ladies, how lovely to hear that. I do truly love your resolution "Obsess less, sparkle more." So true!

Style Maniac said...

A great observation, Leslie.

I really love your advice to "Leave it at the door." Very wise, very true.

'LUSH' said...

Give me the MAGIC CARPET RIDE!!! Now THAT sounds the very most desirable for 2013, and beyond!! Here's hoping we both get the best ride ever this year, Doreen!!! xo

design elements said...

The colors of this wonderful painting pair great to your beautiful photo, Doreen! Happy new year! I thought of you (I'm rereading Ray Bradbury's Zen and the art writing and I'm beginning the year with the Happiness projects - all books that reminds me of you)

therelishedroost said...

I love this painting, the colors are so bright and blended effortlessly! Great post!
xo Karolyn

Lee Romano Sequeira said...

Count me in Doreen! A very successful, happy & MAGICAL 2013 to you!!

Kim Grey said...

Loving those vibrant juicy colours in the painting. What a cheerful palette.

Happy New Year, Doreen!

Heather Lindstrom said...

Your words and the cheery colors of this painting are perfect inspirations for the New Year Doreen. Can't wait to see more!
Happy 2013! Xx

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