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January 20, 2014

Cane Ladies

When artist Melanie Miller was hit with what she calls a "neurological soup" of disorders, she responded with NeuroArt, a NeuroChic line of fashion canes and a blog, Neuro Detour, chronicling her illness, treatments, art and journey. That trio of art, story and project converge in this painting of Melanie's, Promenade of the Cane Ladies.  When I first saw it at Philadelphia's JOG Gallery I immediately thought of my Grandma Lydia, who suffered through many illnesses and was exactly the kind of woman who would festoon a cane with feathers, furs, sparkles and trims; and my mom, who before surgery gets her hair and nails done, and refuses to let any illness stop her from her passions of gardening and golf.  You probably know women like this too, who are strong and creative and stubborn in the best possible sense.  Life can throw a lot of sour things our way.  If you're a Cane Lady you throw it back, with a polished bejeweled bedazzled possibly crooked hand.

Promenade of the Cane Ladies by Melanie Miller


Vanessa Uttaro said...

I love this woman, already! At a recent open house, we had a group come by looking for artists to decorate canes. Friends and family could vote online for the best cane for $1, and the proceeds (as well as the canes, themselves) went to people in need. I love the combination of art and function!

Barbara said...

I have a feeling yours would be wrapped in leopard with a jeweled handle. This is a lovely idea.

Anonymous said...

You look great Doreen. Love the idea.

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